Qvardis | Bereavements
Qvardis is an exclusive wedding venue in Uxbridge, West London that is picture perfect with its location. For more information please call 01895 270 271
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Our Team Have Many Years Experience In Sympathetically Attending To Your Requirements.

Our dedicated team will help to relieve the stress of organizing an after funeral reception at this difficult time.

We offer a range of tailor made packages for you to choose from, and are also happy to discuss any specific requirements that you and your family may have.

For all of our funeral receptions we offer our venue completely free of charge to help you give the best send off that your loved one truly deserves.

All of our buffet options are very competitive and prepared by our skilled chefs to meet all of your requirements.

Please contact us on 01895270271/237559 to discuss any queries you may have.