Qvardis | Prom Nights
Qvardis is an exclusive wedding venue in Uxbridge, West London that is picture perfect with its location. For more information please call 01895 270 271
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Prom Nights

Here at Qvardis we make your Prom Night one to remember!

We provide everything you need to have a spectacular & memorable occassion in a fantastic venue

Package below

  • Buffet selection of: chicken satay, pizzza slices, garlic bread, sausage rolls, chicken wings, king prawns, duck spring rolls, samosas, pequito with soft cheese, vegetarian spring rolls & chicken dippers
  • Top club DJ
  • Professional door supervisor
  • Professional photograher with on site printing (£12 per photo/2 for £20)
  • Prom 2017 balloon decor
  • Bespoke filled 16 bin , sweet pick & mix stand

Our prices are very competitive for the venue you have exclusive to yourselves , please call now for all costs.